Sloane Avenue Mansions, Chelsea, to get a face-lift

After a tough tender process BeSure Building and Maintenance Services has won the £190k contact to renovate, repair and redecorate Sloane Avenue Mansions in Chelsea, London.

One of the main aspects of the job is to work on the exterior rendering. This will improve the overall look of the building. Currently the building has two types of render – a rough and a smooth.

The rough is below the decorative band which wraps around the building, and the smooth is above it. The rough render attracts and holds the dirt and exhaust fumes, meaning it looks shabby very quickly. It is also more difficult to clean. BeSure will be removing all the rough render and replacing it with a matching smooth render. This will not only protect the structure of the building, it will also improve its cosmetic appearance and make it easier to maintain in the long run.

First all the old render is removed, then new render is applied. The final coat is a plain floated finish which is smooth and will match the rest of the building and help repel the dirt.

The entire building will be cleaned and prepared before it is decorated using two full coats of Dulux Weathershield Smooth paint in Magnolia.

As the building is currently occupied, BeSure is working closely with both the residents and the management company in order to ensure minimal disruption. BeSure is working to a strict schedule of works as this is a busy holiday period with no room for error or overruns.

All the balconies and windows are also being repaired and redecorated with ‘weather shield paint’ in order to improve the overall look of the building now, and in the future. It is hoped this will also add to the look of the local area and ensure it retains its character and remains a lovely place to live.

Works are scheduled to finish in late September.