SikaMur – The ABC of DPC

Rising damp is a problem that affects buildings each year, particularly older houses where the original damp proof course has been damaged over time. The SikaMur® Damp-Proofing System is the effective three step solution against rising damp, consisting of specially selected limestone aggregates, cements and air entraining additives.

The SikaMur® Damp-Proofing system contains three parts, SikaMur® InjectoCream-100, SikaMur® Dry and SikaMur® Finish all of which are moisture vapour permeable, allowing the wall to dry out and prevent efflorescence damage, improve thermal properties and protect against condensation.

The first step in the system is SikaMur® InjectoCream-100, a concentrated silane-based injectable damp proof course, containing more than 80% active ingredients which have a strong effect against rising damp. Secondly is SikaMur® Dry, a ready-mixed, highly breathable mortar for rehabilitating moist masonry, which promotes evaporation of retained moisture, holding salt inside plaster while eliminating laitance and mildew. A render coat of SikaMur® Finish is applied as the final stage giving a cement free, highly breathable layer with the ability to affectively diffuse water vapour.

SikaMur® InjectoCream-100 is available in 300ml cartridges and 600ml foil packs and can be applied using a standard caulking gun. SikaMur® Dry and SikaMur® Finish are both available in 25kg sacks, ready to use with only water needing to be added.

The combination of these 3 products are the ideal system to protect against future problems so – prepare, inject, coat and finish.

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