Sika MaxMix Mortar Plasticiser

Sika MaxMix Concentrated Mortar Plasticiser is a liquid air entraining agent for brick laying mortars, renders, pointing and screeds.

Designed to give improved workability and durability where required, Sika MaxMix Mortar Plasticiser provides long term resistance to freeze/thaw cycles and minimises cracking.

Compact and easy to use, Sika MaxMix Mortar Plasticiser comes in a bottle with its very own dosing device clearly marked with millilitre increments, simply squeeze the bottle to release as much admixture as required. The powerful concentrated formula eliminates the need to carry bulky and heavy bottles around with only 5ml being required per 25kg of cement.

Sika MaxMix Mortar Plasticiser is available in 250ml and 1ltr bottles and is fully CE marked.

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