Seven things to look for when finding an architect

Hiring an architect can be a challenge. Employers don’t know what qualities to look for and questions to ask. Following, we are going to share a few things to look for when hiring an architect.

1.  Only Choosing Local

It’s understandable you want someone within your reach in case you need to make some changes. A firm located nearby might help speed up the whole process. But communicating from a distance was never as easy as it is now. Besides, hiring a firm right next to you might have some negative impacts.

There are some exceptional and experienced companies available, but you might overlook them just because they are not close to you. This is not the best choice. Local firms can lack the experience and skills needed to make your project a success.

2.  Believing the Architect Draw Blueprints Only

It’s a good idea to deal with space-related issues promptly, but it’s not necessary that you show up with all the specs and detailed figure out. For best results, you need to have an open mind.

The right architect will act as a partner, ready to help you whenever needed. They will sort out everything for you, including finding locations for customers doing their research and help the project grow. The right architect or firm will do much more than drawing the building. They will help you with construction and other processes.

3.  Bringing the Construction Team Late

This is a common mistake most people do; They wait for the design and drawing process to finish before they bring the construction team on board. For the best outcome, both the design team and construction team need to work together. Keeping them separate will cost you.

You need to add them both at the start for a cost-effective structure plan. It will help you point out potential issues before the construction begins. It doesn’t matter if you work with a design firm that takes care of both architecture and construction some bring another vendor alongside.

4.  Hiring Someone Just Because You Happen to Know Them

You need to build your network, but don’t always rely on your old connections. With that said, don’t hire someone just because you happen to know them before. They might be good at what they do, but it’s possible their expertise doesn’t fit your needs.

You have to ask the architect how the firm will help with strategy and planning. If you need someone for more than architectural drawings, make sure they can execute different tasks before you hire them.

5.  Selecting Someone Inexperienced in Your Industry

Architecture can be different across different industries. So you must consider a prospect’s experience in your business line. Specialised experts can let you know what works and what doesn’t. They can offer creative and effective solutions on how to make your space work for your company.

If you hire someone who doesn’t specialise in your industry, it will lead to numerous setbacks and can cost you dearly.

6.  Not Finalising Your Plans

While looking for a company that knows your industry, you don’t want one size which will fit all. You need to consider unique strengths, weaknesses, culture and other components. You have to address all of these things in your building design.

7.  Select the Lowest Bidder

You get what you pay for, it holds for architecture as well. Yes, you may want to accept the lowest bid but it will mostly likely backfire. Some firms submit low bids to win their projects. It’s worthwhile because your building is a long term investment. Don’t work with someone who cuts the corner. It will not end well for you.