Seam Capital say there is always another way to build more homes

Seam Capital believe the sector trend for increasing financial risk by taking on more debt, or increasing commercial risk by growing development of housing for sale – is just not sustainable. There is another way.  Seam challenge the status quo and want to work with like-minded people to achieve their social purpose and build more affordable homes – whilst simultaneously making their organisations stronger.

Seam are home-grown strategic advisors to housing associations and local authorities inspired by the desire to materially increase affordable housing development capacity and output to help solve the housing crisis. They are experienced social housing professionals with a wealth of expertise developed over many years spent at large housing associations.

Using socially responsible board-approved solutions, they have developed a tried and tested approach to unlocking the enormous latent value (they call it the ‘social equity’​) embedded in balance sheets by offering an integrated approach to business strategy, financial planning and corporate treasury – but always driven by the responsible stewardship of social housing assets and truly strategic asset management.

Many boards believe they have a stewardship, a social obligation to reinvest whatever surpluses their organizations can produce – be it financial capital, social equity or intellectual property. Social equity is capital by any other name – and as a form of equity can be put to good use in the vital investment in affordable housing development. Using their social and financial investment appraisal techniques, the choices where best to redeploy the value extracted can be evaluated, be it in building more homes, investing in treasury and financial negotiations, or in the underlying business itself.

Clearly then, by providing asset-backed driven solutions to raise capital, reduce risk and also help determine the best uses for that capital – Seam Capital create a truly strategic advisory relationship – rather than a purely transactional one.

If you are like-minded and would like to hear more please contact:

Ray Christopher

Managing Director, Seam Capital Ltd

News Building, 3 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SG

Tel: 07918 057516

Email: ray.christopher(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)