Samantha Collett’s ‘Property investment: the essential rules’

How to use property to achieve financial freedom and security.

Property is still perceived to be the safest investment for income and capital growth and this inspirational book contains the guiding principles to help you become a successful property investor.

Whether you want to invest in buy-to-let, have a go at some development projects, or take a calculated risk on some speculative opportunities you can succeed if you follow the essential rules in this book.

Drawing on her extensive experience as a property investor, Samantha Collett will teach you how to:

  • Think, act and live like a successful property investor
  • Develop the skills needed to identify potential opportunities
  • Undertake buy-to-let and refurbishment projects which make money
  • Develop the techniques and skills you need to manage the cash flows
  • Improve your business analysis skills
  • Enhance your market understanding and improve your service levels to increase your return on investment

Each rule is followed by action points that will direct your investment decision making and increase your confidence.