Sadolin’s New Beautiflex™ – a beautiful, flexible finish for wood takes shape

Offering a new dimension in superior wood care, Sadolin Beautiflex™ delivers a beautiful, flexible finish with long term protection in a wide spectrum of opaque shades.

Ideal for all new, bare or previously coated exterior wood, including decking, this solvent opaque wood stain can be applied in colder temperatures, enabling wood protection projects to take place outside the typical outdoor season.

Superior flexibility is achieved through a formulation which features alkyd resin technology, giving Sadolin Beautiflex™ the assurance of up to 7 years protection.

With added HALS, all shades benefit from exceptional light fastness and are designed to retain their colour integrity for the long term by protecting the coating from UV damage.

Colour is also a key component of the new range with 3 ready mixed colours and 42 tinted shades available for variety of choice.

Sharon Smith, Sadolin Brand Manager, said:

“We are really excited about the wide-ranging qualities of Sadolin Beautiflex™.

“And as it’s a solvent based formulation specifiers can take advantage of milder Autumn and Spring weather to fit exterior wood protection protects into their schedules.”

Produced in both 1 and 2.5 litre sizes, there’s ample opportunity to give it a try on different sized projects including doors and windows, or larger areas such as fencing and cladding.