Room sets to showcase a myriad of unique interior designs at Grand Designs Live

The hugely popular room sets, sponsored by AXA Insurance, found in the Grand Interiors Hall at Grand Designs Live, is a hub of creativity, providing visitors with inspiration for their own projects and renovations.

This year Grand Designs Live have invited five interior stylists to bring to life their ideas at the show, every day from 5 – 13 May 2018 at London’s ExCeL. Rather than rigidly following the latest colours or trends, the 2018 room sets will be designed uniquely by the stylists, fitting to their own tastes, personality and style using the theme: Design by You.

In keeping with the flexibility of the 2018 Room Sets; the purposes of each room is adaptable to the stylist’s preference. Among the sets, visitors can find an entertaining living room with a dual purpose as a workspace and a studio that adapts for a family with children.

The 2018 room sets, sponsored by AXA Insurance, will showcase the creativity and flair of each interior designer and reflects the idea that there are no ‘one size fits all’ houses or rooms!

In addition to getting ideas and inspiration from the room sets, visitors will also be able to get advice direct from the interiors experts, as they host free 30-minute consultations surrounded by the visual inspiration their design.

Aorta – Flexible working space for mother and child

Frida Rush, of Aorta, will create an authentic, bespoke and multifunctional interior, drawing on her own life as a working mother. The room itself will reflect the duality of its use, with contrasting textures, bright colours, playful items and a mix of luxuriant and utilitarian furnishings. This room will prove that family homes can be functional as well as stylish.

Finch London – Natural kitchen promoting wellness and wellbeing

With the aim of removing as many harmful chemicals as possible from everyday life, this kitchen will not only be stylish, but a positive environment at the heart of the home. Including high-tech devices such as an Alkaline Water Purifier, incandescent SAD light bulbs, a DoTerra Essential Oils Infuser, and a steam oven, along with natural, calming colours, textures and materials, this kitchen will provide the perfect environment to live a chemical free and an ecofriendly existence.

Jade Maria Interiors – A living room for entertaining, working and relaxing

Jade Maria’s room will embody her perfect reflection of the modern living room. Using patterned fabrics, rich velvets, layers, bold art pieces, statement lighting, simple but bold furnishings and a soothing colour palette, this is a lounge that will create impact.

Oliver Thomas Interiors – an indulgent and opulent snug space

Using bold, contrasting and rich colours alongside luxe and opulent textures, this room, by Oliver Thomas Interiors will create a lavish living area. Unique fittings and statement furnishings, combined with unusual features such as coloured wall panelling will lend the space a feel of old-fashioned luxury, with an edge of modern sophistication.

Accanto Interiors – a living space with multiple moods and settings

Designed by Sue and Lina of Atypic Designs, this multi-purpose living space will be a celebration of natural inspiration. Using a colour palette of deep greens, warm neutrals and bold splashes of sunshine-yellow, accented with natural prints and unique finishes; this room will bring nature inside with its organic feel. The elegant, chic furnishings and fixtures will be emphasised by coloured lights, transforming the room from day to night.

See each of these five unique rooms, shop the styles and be inspired at the Interior Room Sets and Studio, sponsored by AXA Insurance, at Grand Designs Live from 5 – 13 May, at London’s ExCel.