RMIG provides danish university with energy preserving building facade

Precision perforated aluminium panels from RMIG have been used to create a dynamic facade and solar shading system at Denmark’s first low-energy university. The striking triangular shaped construction of panels have given the University of Southern Denmark’s (SDU’s) Kolding Campus a distinct exterior that is both highly functional and also an inspirational landmark for its city.

Sensors attached to each of the 1,600 screens measure outdoor light and heat levels and transmit the data to a small motor. This automatically adjusts the screens to ensure that those using the building experience a dynamic change of light during the day and can enjoy a comfortable indoor climate in the rooms along the facade.

The screens also feature a bespoke perforation pattern that works with their opening angle of 30 degrees to give the optimal balance of light and energy in and out of the building. This also contributes toward facilitating the well-being of the building’s inhabitants by providing a good view of outdoor areas from inside. These unique features contribute to reducing the amount of energy consumed by the building, helping to achieve its low-energy status.

The facade panels are manufactured from 4,500m² of 3.0mm thick anodised aluminium and feature keyhole-perforated ImagePerf to give the exterior a vibrant and attractive appearance. When closed, the adaptable screens have been designed to lie flat on the frontage, however, when half or fully open they point outward, giving the building a dramatic appearance at all times. The triangular motif is also repeated throughout the building in different forms and shapes, giving the construction an open impression.

In the evening, the light from the inside of the building pours through the perforated pattern and makes the facade appear more transparent. Students and passers-by on their way to or from the university get an immediate sense of the interior activities of the campus. This interaction ensures a strong dialogue between the inner life of the building and the outside spectator.

As the world’s largest precision perforation manufacturer and supplier, RMIG has extensive experience in finding environmental friendly solutions for the built environment. The company’s dedicated architectural and construction sector support programme, City Emotion, assists architects and contractors in bringing their urban design concepts to life.

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