Right to Build Day launched at Graven Hill

The National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) today launched Right to Build Day at Graven Hill, the UK’s largest custom and self-build development site, in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

The initiative is being delivered with the intention of tracking local authority activity around the Right to Build legislation and to also encourage innovation in the UK’s housing sector.

Right to Build Day is a watershed moment for anyone wanting to create their own home via self or custom build, as it marks the date by which all councils in England must demonstrate that they have met consumer demand on the Right to Build register by allocating self and custom build plots.  

To coincide with Right to Build Day, MP and Right to Build Task Force Ambassador, Richard Bacon, opened Graven Hill’s new Education House, created in partnership with Build It magazine.

The House – a self-build project itself – will give visitors the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of creating their own home, including product choice, design and construction methods. As visitors explore the Education House, informational graphics will guide them through the magazine’s self-build journey and some of the decisions they can expect to face during their own projects.

Andrew Baddeley-Chappell, CEO, National Custom and Self Build Association said:

“Right to Build Day is a pivotal date for the sector, as it has had to wait a long time to see how effective the legislation has been. Our research, together with the work of the Right to Build Task Force, has helped us identify good, bad and some downright ugly performance from local authorities, and we will hold the government to its commitment to consider taking further action, including possible changes to legislation if they do not believe sufficient action is being taken.

“Ongoing annual targets will mean local authorities will now need to continue to ensure a regular pipeline of new plots, enabling more wonderful new homes to be built and, in doing so, create a virtuous cycle of increased public awareness, increased opportunities and increased supply of Custom and Self Build homes.”

Karen Curtin, managing director of Graven Hill said:

“The birth of Right to Build day is a perfect example of how the housing sector has welcomed innovation. At Graven Hill, we have embraced the spirit of the Right to Build legislation by helping to make self and custom building accessible to all. In today’s society, a forward-thinking attitude can be all that’s needed to start something amazing. For us, this is everything that the on-site Build It Education House represents.

“The House will play a vital role in educating people about choice, design and construction. In showcasing our passion for a new approach to housing, we want to inspire others to rethink their approach to choosing – or building – a new home.”

Chris Bates, editor of Build It said:

“Build It’s Self Build Education House seeks to inspire the next generation of self-builders and demystify the process of creating your own individual home. The Education House empowers people to access the self-build route by helping them understand their design, build and fit-out choices and equipping them with the knowledge they need to achieve a better quality, better designed and better value-for-money home.”