Revive your worktops for the festive season with Osmo

With Christmas fast approaching, many homeowners are already thinking about preparing their homes for the festive season, and eco-friendly wood finishes expert, Osmo UK, has a wood finish to ensure all Christmas guests are impressed with your kitchen worktops.

As one of the primary rooms in the home, the kitchen plays host to Christmas dinner and all its trimmings, meaning that the space needs to be functional yet presentable to cater for all the family. However, with kitchen being used all year round, the worktops are prone to spillages, scratches and water damage, resulting in a dull, tired-looking surface. By investing in a high-quality finish, wooden worktops can get a new lease of life. Osmo UK offers an interior wood finishing treatment designed to keep your worktops looking as beautiful as the day they were installed.

TopOil consists of natural plant oils and waxes and is designed to accentuate the wood’s natural beauty. The water-repellent and resistant finish makes it an ideal choice for the kitchen where water damage and spillages are inevitable. Available in seven different shades, there is a finish to complement all decors. TopOil works by penetrating deeply into the surface of the wood, to enhance the existing characteristics and enhance its natural grain.

Suitable for all wooden worktops and internal joinery, TopOil is extremely easy to apply. Two to three coats of the oil (depending on the wood species) will allow the homeowner to enjoy stunning wooden worktops for many years to come. Osmo UK recommends applying the first coat of TopOil with a flat brush to ensure even coverage, and the second coat applied with a lint free cloth to work the oil into the grain. The simple application process means that homeowners can treat the worktops themselves without the need for additional help, saving money and time.

Not only does the finish deliver professional results but TopOil is food safe (EN 1186) and suitable for use on children’s toys (EN 71.3) making it a family-friendly choice for the Christmas period without compromising on health and safety.

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