Reptiles upscale to a new home at St Clement’s Lakes

Housebuilder Bellway is a specialist when it comes to helping people find a new home, but when relocating reptiles from its St Clement’s Lakes development in Greenhithe, Kent to a new habitat nearby, the company called in the experts.

Before construction work for the new development can begin, a conservation programme was carried out, to relocate the grass snakes, common lizards and slow worms to a more suitable habitat nearby. The conservation work has been carried out by AA Environmental Limited, specialist in ecological and environmental management.

Speaking about the work, Environmental Consultant Matthew Buxton from AA Environmental Limited said:

“To locate the reptiles we placed a number of tin sheets across the site. The tin sheets are warmed by the sun and provide heated areas which are ideal for reptiles to bask, either under or on top of the sheet. We then catch them by hand, place them into a safe container, then take them to their new habitat close by.”

“The new habitat has reptile proof fencing, to keep the reptiles within the new area. It is also rich in biodiversity, with long grass and lots of wildflowers typical of chalk grassland, as well as a number of insects and butterflies. The habitat also contains several hibernacula, providing a suitable home for hibernation in the coming winter months.”

Peter Knights, Sales Director of Bellway Homes Thames Gateway said:

“It is great to hear that the reptiles have been safely located and moved to a new habitat more suited to their needs. When St Clement’s Lakes is built we are very keen to ensure that the landscaping is attractive to local wildlife so the local biodiversity can thrive.”

The ecological team spent two months locating and removing reptiles from the construction site to a more suitable habitat close to the site. The site will be managed for the benefit of nature conservation during the development’s construction to ensure the ongoing protection of the wildlife.

St Clement’s Lakes will be a beautiful development with a variety of homes, from two bedroom apartments to four bedroom family homes. The homes are expected to be launched for sale in the early part of 2015. For more information about St Clement’s Lakes or to register your interest, please telephone 08000 437777.