Renewed focus for ESG in its attentions towards Solarchromic Climate Control glass

2014 sees Essex Safety Glass have a renewed focus in its attentions towards its Solarchromic Climate Control range of glass. In a climate with increasingly extreme weather at each end of the spectrum and an economy of increasing energy costs, people are looking for new ways to improve building efficiency whilst keeping costs down. By minimising solar heat gain during the summer and maximising it during the winter, Solarchromic glass maximises the efficiency of a buildings temperature control, in turn keeping down energy costs.

With its electronically controllable tint, the glass reduces a building’s energy consumption, lowering its impact on the environment it acts as an increasingly sought-after design feature.  Available in manual or automatic control, panels can also be controlled individually or as a multiple panel system. This makes it ideal in any situation where excessive solar heat gain is likely to be an issue – for example, large facades, atria, conservatories and office buildings.

ESG Solarchromic™ is a bespoke made glass, meaning that any application and shape can be catered for, with sizes going up to1350x3300mm. This can also be coupled with ESG’s range of LCD privacy, security or fire resistant glass products for a total glass solution.

Scott Sinden, Managing Director of ESG, comments:

“With the introduction of BIM, more focus is placed upon the efficiency and running costs of a building over its life span with architects and designers continually looking for ways to improve both of these. Solarchromic climate control glass reduces solar heat gain in the summer and trapping it in the winter, eliminating the need for air conditioning and lowering the use of heating. This significantly reduces the overall running costs of a building.”

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