Rem Koolhaas selects Knoll to participate in the 14th International Architecture Exhibition

Renowned furniture company, Knoll is pleased to announce its participation in the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia. Several of Knoll’s iconic pieces were personally selected by Rem Koolhaas, this year’s Director of the Architecture Section, to play a part in the highly anticipated exhibition.

Knoll first teamed up with Koolhaas in 2013 to launch the acclaimed “Tools for Life” by OMA Collection and looks forward to contributing to one of the world’s most prestigious cultural institutions. Since its creation over a century ago, la Biennale di Venezia has been at the forefront of art and design; and this year’s exhibition promises to carry on that legacy.

Opening to the public on June 7th, Koolhaas’ extensively research-centered exhibition, entitled Fundamentals, will consist of three intertwining displays that together will highlight the past, present and future of the Architectural discipline. They will include: Monditalia, Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014 and Elements of Architecture. And given Knoll’s illustrious history and pivotal role in the evolution of design and architecture, the exhibition’s incorporation of the brand’s furniture in Monditalia and Elements of Architecture exhibitions was a natural fit.

The connection between Knoll’s design classics and Koolhaas’ vision will be especially apparent in the Elements of Architecture exhibit, which will focus on the architecture fundamentals of buildings that are used anywhere and at any time.

Upon entering la Biennale’s Central Pavilion, visitors will pass through the INTRO space, where they will encounter elements of daily architecture, including Knoll’s Bertoia Side Chairs. Knoll’s furniture will also appear in the FIREPLACE room, where two Pfister Sofas will be set up in an environment reminiscent of a living room. In this space, Koolhaas will show the evolution and history of the fireplace. Knoll’s iconic Florence Knoll Tables will be on display in the STAIR room; a recreation of the extensive archive of stairs documentation developed by Professor Friederich Mielke over 60 years ago.

Additionally, Knoll’s 500 Spark Chairs will be incorporated into the Monditalia exhibition at Arsenale. Dedicated to Italy, the space will host exhibitions, events and theatrical productions engaging a variety of topics from architecture and technology to economics, policy, religion and industry. 500 Spark Chairs will serve as seating for the audience.

The 14th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia will be open to the public from June 7th – November 23rd.