Rehau checks in for holiday inn refurb

REHAU’s slimline PVC trunking has been chosen for two major room refurbishment projects for the Holiday Inn hotels in Southampton and Reading. The premier cable management solution was specified for the hotels by Haddow Electrical, who required high quality, robust trunking which would meet the technical brief and be aesthetically suitable for the new room designs.

Chichester-based Haddow Electrical won the Holiday Inn refurbishment projects as part of a tender bid with Phelan Construction. The six-month works programme included the refurbishment of 97 rooms in the Holiday Inn in Southampton and 202 rooms at the Holiday Inn in Reading.

The specification of the cable trunking was an essential element of the refurb programme to not only provide the three necessary power points for each room – in locations which would fit around the new furniture and room layouts – but also to deliver a cabling solution which would be futureproof and could be easily adapted again in the future.

Adrian Downie, Electrical Project Manager at Haddow Electrical said:

“Holiday Inn rooms have been designed with a ‘plug and play’ approach in mind, ensuring there is as little disruption as possible during refurbishments. Rewiring each room to move the sockets when the hotel puts in new beds and tables is not practical or cost effective, so cabling is run around the room and simply adapted to the needs of the new layout when it is refurbed.”

The room requirements were specified by Hoare Lee Consultants. Their original specification for the cable trunking used a product with a clip-on cover, but Adrian was keen to put forward REHAU’s SL Trunking as an alternative, which he knew would deliver the brief and provide peace of mind that guests would not come into contact with the cables. 

Adrian continues:

“Clip on covers are quick to fit and provide very easy access to the cables should this be required by an electrical contractor, however they can also be knocked off easily by one of the hotel’s guests. So we suggested a more robust alternative – REHAU SL Trunking – which also offered an aesthetically better finish, and the consultants were happy to agree the change.”

Although it is made of extruded PVC, the chamfered finish of REHAU’s SL Trunking gives it the look of traditional skirting, making it a neat and unobtrusive way to run cables around a room. At 70mm high and 20mm deep, the new REHAU trunking was the same size as the trunking being removed, so it was an easy substitution and required less finishing off for the construction team. The trunking is also available in 110mm/20mm dimensions.

The SL Trunking is simple to install – simply screw the pre-punched base to the wall, put in the data and power cabling (which are separated by an interior wall), then fit on the cover and end caps. The range also features socket outlet boxes, ensuring a seamless finish whatever configuration contractors are working to. Once installed, the trunking covers can be removed for maintenance or reconfiguration at any later date.

Adrian said:

“Haddow Electrical has a reputation for finishing jobs on time and to the highest standards, and the products we choose help us to achieve this. We’ve found the REHAU SL trunking really quick and simple to install, which has helped us keep to the tight refurbishment schedule.”

In excess of 2,800m of trunking was used for the two Holiday Inn room refurbishment projects, which will be completed in April 2018. Haddow Electrical has been so impressed with the trunking fitted; the company has specified it since for a chalet refurbishment job on a well-known family holiday resort on the south coast.

Steve Richmond Head of Marketing & Technical – Building Solutions at REHAU said:

“Our slimline SL trunking is suitable for a range of domestic and light commercial installations including hotels and is particularly effective on jobs where contractors are challenged with unobtrusively re-cabling a space in a refurbishment project. We are delighted that Haddow Electrical have used the product to great success on their Holiday Inn contract. They have been so impressed with the quality and speed of installation that they are using it again. That’s the real calling card of a product which is built with the needs of the electrical industry in mind.”

SL Trunking is tested and approved to DIN EN 50085, is flame-resistant and self-extinguishing. The trunking used in the Holiday Inn was white, but it is also available in other colours to give specifiers and designers more choice over the aesthetics of the product.

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