Refining resin bound and reducing waste

In early 2018 SureSet UK ltd released their first ‘Resin batching van’. This was a brand new machine that SureSet had created that would enable them to pump and dispense resin on site, direct from the IBC source, with incredible accuracy and consistency, and also eliminate the hundreds of non-recyclable plastic buckets that are widely used by the resin bound paving industry to transport and mix the resin.

Fast forward to the present day and SureSet now have a refined mobile pump that can be shipped to site with the resin IBCs and aggregate, removing the need to send materials and the resin/pump in separate vehicles and again reducing the carbon footprint of the company and each and every installation.

Each IBC container holds 1 ton of resin, meaning SureSet can save roughly 285 buckets per IBC, and with the two-part resin formula that equates to nearly 600 tubs being saved from landfill.

For more information on the original Resin Batching Van please take a look at our blog, and for more information please contact us at or email us at mail(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

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