Pump docking stations boost performance

DAB Pumps has launched single and twin docking stations for its low water pressure pump, the e.sybox. Known respectively as the e.sydock and the e.sytwin, both docking accessories are designed to further enable a ‘plumb and play’ connection to the pump.

The products are further innovations in design from DAB Pumps’ “e.sy” range and feature a quick coupling base from which the pump can be simply connected or disconnected. This system allows installers to create the pumping system quickly and on-site, saving time and money. The pump and docking stations are also extremely compact, saving on space too, giving more flexibility when siting the units.

The twin docks provide increased hydraulic performance in comparison with a single device and are linked via Bluetooth, saving space where otherwise cabling would have to be used. The pump set is made up of two e.sybox pumps, which deliver all flow into a common manifold.

Neil Haigh, project manager explains:

“The e.sydock and e.sytwin are products of our advanced research and development in Italy. Wireless connectivity, plumb and play coupling and great pump performance means installers can now use the e.sybox for a multitude of applications, including bigger buildings.”

For more information call 01279 652776 or log onto www.esybox.co.uk.