Prepare for the joy of winter with a new DRU designer gas fire

As this year’s glorious summer fades from our memories, our thoughts turn to autumn and winter and how to introduce stylish design as well as warmth and comfort to our homes.

New fireplace design and technology means that gas fires are no longer simply functional heating appliances, but bring a touch of class to any home, with their innovative designs and beautiful flame pictures.

Whether or not your home has a chimney, you can still enjoy a modern, efficient gas fire, which can be installed in your home in less than one day and bring years of enjoyment and energy saving.

DRU Fires is a company that has been in business since 1754. Now, in the 21st century, it produces some of Europe’s finest gas and wood fires and stoves, together with some interesting new renewable energy appliances.

Built-in contemporary gas fires

 Top of the range are the DRU Maestro and Metro series of built-in contemporary gas fires. They come in a variety of sizes, capacities and styles, including front view, 2-sided, 3-sided and even see-through tunnel fires.

Because they are balanced flue fires, they can be installed without a conventional chimney, creating much greater flexibility of design. They can be used to create striking architectural features in the home, such as room dividing walls and pillars, enabling their authentic flame pictures to be viewed from all angles and transforming the living space in the process.

They are manufactured using some technically advanced materials, such as Clear View glass for a perfect view of the flames and mirrored Ceraglass interiors, which produce a stunning infinity flame effect.

Freestanding designer gas stoves

DRU also produces some attractive and versatile freestanding gas stoves, such as the Passo (pictured). This sleek, cylindrical stove with its curved glass window features a gorgeous log fire bed, just like a real wood stove but without the need to constantly store and replace the firewood.

All high end DRU gas fires are operated using the exclusive DRU Eco Wave app for tablets and smartphones. This allows you to adjust the flame pattern and gas consumption using a simple graphic display.

A further option is the DRU PowerVent extended, fan-assisted flue system. This enables gas fires to be installed in previously inaccessible locations such as high-rise apartments, loft conversions, basements, hotel lobbies, restaurants and much more. The only limit is your imagination.

Ingenious new cavity wall gas fire

If your preference is for a more traditional fireplace, but your home has no chimney, why not investigate the new DRU Global cavity wall gas fire? This ingenious model fits neatly into your brick wall cavity with a discreet terminal on the outside wall. A matching slimline fire surround and hearth completes the classic fireplace look. It takes up very little floor space in the room and provides a beautiful focal point for the whole family to admire.

All DRU designer gas fires are Eco Design ready with A energy ratings, making them suitable for new-build as well as general domestic use.

DRU gas fires are available from approved fireplace retailers throughout the UK. For further information and to find a local dealer visit