Perfectly balanced with Grundfos

Getting the right balance on domestic heating systems has now become easier to achieve with the new Grundfos ALPHA3 System. This is good news, as we know that 86 per cent of domestic heating systems are unbalanced and unbalanced systems can increase heating costs by 20 per cent. So, by addressing this issue, you can help to overcome this problem, saving your customers money while at the same time having an additional fast, easy and chargeable service to offer them.

But the pump options don’t stop there as the Grundfos ALPHA2L is designed for circulating water in domestic heating systems with constant or variable flows and in systems with variable temperature. These high efficiency circulators can be installed in central heating and primary hot water circuits up to 35kW and offer many advanced features as standard.

The UPS2 15-50/60 has become a stalwart of the Grundfos circulator family. This compact, high efficiency pump is manufactured in the UK and was introduced as a replacement for the Grundfos UPS 15-50/60 family. With just one model, the UPS2 replaces older 4m, 5m and 6m versions of the UPS 15-50/60 models and are suitable for use in domestic heating systems.

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