Office workers experience world first as intelligent ceiling boosts productivity by lifting office mood

The Sheffield firm, SIG has become the world first exclusive supplier of ‘Moodlift,’ a revolutionary new intelligent ceiling product which uses liquid crystal technology in its design to help improve staff productivity. It can even help detect when the boss is in a bad mood.

SIG Interiors, a specialist supplier of interior fit-out products to the construction industry, says its innovative new ‘Moodlift’ range represents the future for the office environment.

“Rather like the mood rings of the 70s, the ceiling incorporates thermotropic liquid crystals,” comments SIG Interiors’ category director, Ann Fisher. “When a person enters an office, the ‘Moodlift’ ceiling detects their mood and changes colour accordingly, instantly alerting other team members to their disposition. The ceiling can also be programmed to play music appropriate to the atmosphere of those gathered, either soothing should they be in a bad mood, stressed or anxious, or something more upbeat if they are feeling low.”

The technology, exclusively supplied by SIG, interior specialists who supply the construction industry across the UK, rests on thermotropic liquid crystals responding to changes in temperature. Sensors placed at the door of an office require just two seconds to sense the body temperature of a person passing through it. When the temperature of the liquid crystals changes, so does their colour.

“We are extremely excited about our revolutionary new ‘Moodlift’ ceilings”, continued SIG’s Ann Fisher. “It’s a real breakthrough. The fabric of a building can now contribute to staff productivity.”

Research has shown that early detection of the frame of mind of co-workers, a more harmonious work atmosphere can be achieved. This can increase staff happiness and productivity by up to 20%. Trials of the ceilings across selected SIG Interiors branches over a six week period produced a 15% increase in weekly sales figures compared to the same period the previous year.

“Needless to say, we are now installing them in all our sites throughout the business,” concluded Ann Fisher.

What the ‘Moodlift’ Ceiling Colours Mean
As peripheral body temperature increases, which it does in response to passion and happiness, the crystals ‘twist’ to reflect blue. When you are excited or stressed, blood flow is directed away from the skin and more toward the internal organs, cooling the body, causing the crystals to twist the other direction, to reflect more yellow.

  • Red – angry
  • Violet blue – happy, romantic
  • Blue – calm, relaxed
  • Green – average, not much going on with you
  • Yellow/Amber – tense, excited
  • Brown/Grey – nervous, anxious
  • Black – cold

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