Not your average roofing job

A Cornwall based roofing specialist is undertaking a very unusual contract this week, which will require the closure of one of the UK’s busiest motorways.

JR Flat Roofing, based in Redruth, has secured a contract with a longstanding client, Moto Hospitality Ltd, the UK’s biggest provider of motorway service areas.

The contract will mean applying a new roof on the Moto footbridge, which offers a pedestrian route from the north and south bound Trowell service areas, across the busy M1 motorway near Nottingham.

In order to complete the work, JR Flat Roofing will have to work from scaffolding which they have specially designed to sit on a truck, in order for it be situated on the motorway lane.

This will mean closing the motorway one lane at a time and working exclusively at night to complete the £150k contract, from 10pm – 4am, starting June 7 and ending June 14.

Despite this complication, the team at JR Flat Roofing are confident they can lay the 175 square meters of flat roofing in just one week.

Nick Rogers, Managing Director for JR Flat Roofing, welcomes the challenge, saying:

“We are experienced with national projects that have a short timeframe. We focus on getting any of our jobs done quickly which means a fast turnaround and a more cost effective job for the client. Many areas of our work involve overcome challenges, but this one has been particularly interesting as we have needed to arrange lane closures on the M1 with the Highways Agency. A lot of hard work and planning has taken place over the past 12 months to ensure the job runs smoothly, but all the foundations are now in place and we are looking forward to completing the work.”

As one of Moto Hospitality’s approved contractors, JR Flat Roofing often secure contracts to help with their service stations, though not normally with such obstacles to consider.

Darren Spruce, from Moto Hospitality, is pleased to have JR Flat Roofing working on the contract, saying:

“We often work with JR Flat Roofing as we find them reliable, efficient and cost effective. We knew this would be a tricky job to co ordinate, but JR Flat Roofing have worked out the solution in order to complete the job to their usual professional and high standard. We are looking forward to seeing the result.”

Founded by John Rogers in 1984 in Redruth, JR Flat Roofing is a member of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, specialising in flat roofing for domestic and commercial businesses.

With a main office in Cornwall and a new office in London, the company often sends operatives across the UK working on contracts for with London Underground various High Street Banks, Co-op Stores, various commercial developments in central London and along with MOTO Hospitality.

Reaching a turnover of £1.4million last year, £1million came from work outside of Cornwall – bringing revenue back into the county.

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