Northern Ireland planning reform – Turley launches dedicated resource

Belfast planning consultancy Turley has today launched a dedicated online resource to support the real estate community as it faces the largest overhaul to the planning regime in Northern Ireland in a generation.

The resource – – explains how the new planning system will operate and offers developers useful support and advice on all aspects of the new planning administration.

From Wednesday 1 April 2015, in the most significant change to the Northern Ireland planning system for 40 years, most planning functions will transfer from DoE Planning to the 11 new Councils. Councillors will prepare development plans and make decisions on the vast majority of planning applications. DoE Planning will retain a strategic role in relation to policy oversight and regionally significant planning applications and have an ability to call in major applications.

Michael Gordon, Turley Belfast Office Director described the changes with an architectural analogy as “a shift from gothic to modern in a generation”.

He said:

“The reforms are designed to make the system simpler, faster and fairer. They will repatriate planning to its traditional home in local government following years in central control. It is the final stage in the gradual process to address the democratic deficit in Northern Ireland planning.”