Norbord to highlight the “legendary performance” of its MDF range

Norbord is launching a drive to promote its CaberWood range of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) – one of the most versatile modern building materials.

MDF is made by compressing millions of tiny wood fibres together with a resin under high temperature and pressure. The resulting board is tough, easily worked and ideal for a mind-boggling range ofbuilding applications – from architraves and mouldings to furniture and fittings.

Norbord can boast one of the widest ranges of MDF products currently available. Five grades are available from the basic lightweight general purpose grade (CaberWood MDF Trade) to the top-of-the-range CaberWood MDF Industrial, a hard-working, deep routing, moisture-resistant product with uniform density all the way through the board.

Each designed for a specific range of duties, the five products in the CaberWood MDF range offer unbeatable quality and “legendary” performance; something that Norbord wants more people to know about.

To raise awareness of these superior products, Norbord is embarking on a promotional campaign. The campaign draws its inspiration from this summer’s European football championships, explains Norbord Brand and Communication Manager, David Connacher: “Football is the largest spectator sport in the UK and to be able to resonate our tagline of “legendary performance”, it made sense to tie in with the year’s biggest sporting event that will, no doubt, feature some legendary performances,” says David.

Euro 2016 will be the focus of a lot of media attention in the run-up to June and during the four weeks of the championship so Norbord hopes its campaign will strike a chord with football-loving builders. “Yet the theme of “legendary performance” will continue beyond July,” says David. “We want to increase the visibility and awareness of the CaberWood MDF brand as well as the three key messages of the features and benefits of the board – finish, routing capability and screw holding. We want our end-users to have their own legendary performance with the CaberWood MDF brand by creating something that they are proud of.”

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