Newton Waterproofing Systems launch new RIBA approved CPD seminar

When it comes to below ground structures, failed waterproofing systems are often down to one or more of the following three factors:

  1. Poor system installation
  2. Inadequate materials
  3. Incorrect design

It is for this reason that industry guidelines such as British Standard 8102:2009 outline specific measures for combating these issues within the design scheme, as well as advising on simple remedial measures that can be implemented in the unlikely event that a defect still occurs.

Newton’s newest RIBA approved CPD – ‘A Designers Guide to Internal Basement Waterproofing in Accordance with BS 8102: 2009’ – therefore provides an overview of the design requirements according to current legislation, including both British Standards and NHBC guidelines in relation to waterproofing in the UK. As a result, the CPD will help you to:

  • Understand the three types of waterproofing systems and how to define the environmental grades of waterproofing
  • Understand the evolution and development of cavity drain membrane systems, including basedrain perimeter drainage, within the UK waterproofing industry
  • Understand the importance of designing maintainable systems in line with British Standards and insurer requirements
  • Understand Type C systems and the importance of managing water ingress with passive or mechanical systems
  • Understand the sustainability and recycling issues associated with Type C systems
  • Understand the importance of using a waterproofing design specialist and specialist contractors

The new CPD from Newton Waterproofing also sits alongside and complements the company’s two existing RIBA approved CPDs for architects, engineers, designers, installers and construction industry professionals:

  1. Structural Waterproofing Design Strategies to BS 8102:2009 – This seminar focuses on the different structural waterproofing systems available on the market and how to achieve the desired environmental grade as specified by the British Standard. It also highlights how combined waterproofing systems can be specified for both new-build and existing structures.
  2. Newton Waterproofing Factory Tour – The only RIBA approved waterproofing factory tour, this double-points CPD is carried out at Newton’s head office training facility in Tonbridge, Kent. The tour includes both a theoretical classroom session outlining the different types of waterproofing systems, followed by a practical demonstration of different waterproofing systems, battery back-up protection and the application of liquid waterproofing membranes.

All three seminars are suitable for anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge of waterproofing, learn about the products that are available in the market or update their skills. The technical team at Newton Waterproofing are renowned for their technical expertise and can also tailor any of the CPDs to meet your specific individual or organisational requirements.

For more information please visit the Newton Waterproofing website or the RIBA CPD website.