New video highlights the benefits of using SPRA-accredited members

The Single Ply Roofing Association (SPRA) has officially launched its video for specifiers, surveyors, architects, building owners and anyone involved in single ply specification or procurement activities.

SPRA CEO, James Talman unveiled the new video explaining that it forms part of their plans to expand SPRA’s reach beyond its existing audience.

“Our membership is growing steadily across manufacturers and contractors and we’ve been rolling out a raft of new membership and marketing materials to help spread our message about the importance of quality standards in the industry.

“We need to continually inform the owner, designer, surveyor and builder of the benefits of appointing properly accredited SPRA members for single ply roofing projects. In using SPRA-approved contractors and suppliers, they can be confident that designs will meet the appropriate SPRA guidance and standards, installers are well trained and site quality will be monitored throughout the construction process.”

Jim Hooker, SPRA Technical Director says one of SPRA’s key roles is to support the client throughout the supply chain: “SPRA is setting rules for design and setting standards for materials and installation. This means manufacturers have an obligation to approve designs, supply a quality product that is ‘fit for purpose’ and inspect the work to ensure SPRA standards are being met throughout the project lifecycle.”

SPRA members must be able to demonstrate robust management procedures and have properly trained employees to meet its membership standards. As single ply’s popularity grows, SPRA is supporting that growth by providing training programmes and facilities throughout the UK to upskill the existing workforce as well as providing apprenticeship schemes.

View the SPRA video on the website.