New swipe card locks for James Tobias

James Tobias, the UK’s leading storagewall manufacturer, is introducing new swipe card locks for its best-selling storagewall products.

The new locking system from BeCode is ideal for where a level of security is required on the company’s high quality storagewall units. Operated by keycard, the security locks are both stylish and functional, being offered in a variety of colours, designed to coordinate or contrast with the units themselves.

The lockable storagewall products offer all the established benefits of the James Tobias range. These include: manufacture using structured aluminium carcass offering up to two-and-a-half times better weight loadings, compared to pegboard systems; full floor-to-ceiling design for 20 per cent better space utilisation and the ability to partition office space; off-site construction to minimise disruption during installation; as well as survey and installation by members of James Tobias’ own in-house team.

“We are currently expanding our business with commercial customers all over the UK, and our established products are well-known and respected throughout the fit-out sector,” explains David McLaren, director. “This latest innovation is designed to meet a customer requirement for heightened security, and we believe the product will be well-received by the market.”