New solution from Norcros Adhesives for fixing Acoustic Mats and Decoupling Membranes

Norcros Adhesives’ latest addition to its Ultim8 range of ready-mixed tiling adhesives is Ultim8 M+, a solution for fixing acoustic matting or decoupling membranes to a wide variety of surfaces.

Often installers can improve the acoustic performance of a floor installation with the addition of an acoustic mat, but fixing the mat down can be time-consuming and not always totally reliable. Ultim8 M+ is designed to provide an effective fix on a wide variety of substrates, including plywood and raised access flooring, with the requirement for minimal surface preparation.

It comprises a ready-mixed synthetic contact adhesive which will fix Norcros Acoustic Mats or fleece-backed polyethylene-type decoupling membranes. Ultim8 M+ is water-based and can be used either internally or externally, making it the easiest way of achieving a good tiling finish. Previously installers have had to use a regular contact adhesive to fix down the mat or decoupling membrane, which is not always effective.

The product operates as a system in which the installer firstly fixes the mat or decoupling membrane to the substrate using Ultim8 M+, applied with a vinyl trowel. Once the adhesive is dry, the tiles may be fixed using any of the Norcros Adhesives flexible cement-based adhesives.

Mandy Searle, head of technical services at Norcros Adhesives says:

“With the increased use of decoupling membranes and acoustic mats, this aspect of the tiling job has become a real issue for installers. The addition of Ultim8 M+ brings an important new strength to our range of ready-mixed adhesives.”