New service to boost self build housing

A new service which can link self builders up with suitable local contractors has been launched by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), with the support of the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA).

This new service is the first of its kind in the UK and can be accessed via links from the Self Build Portal, NaCSBA’s comprehensive online resource for self builders.

The FMB’s Find a Self Build Contractor service is free to use and draws on a database of over 1,500 local contractors with design and build and self build capabilities.

Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said:

“Interest in self build solutions is growing stronger every day and the government is now putting in place policies which should help more people to realise the vision of building their own home. As this happens, self builders will need a pool of capable and experienced contractors and a trusted means of finding the right one. That’s why the FMB has created this service and we’re very pleased to have been able to team up with NaCSBA to deliver this through the Self Build Portal. This is the product of the building industry and self build representatives working together to facilitate the growth of self and custom build, which will improve the choice available to customers in the new homes market.”

Michael Holmes, Chair of the National Custom and Self Build Association, said:

“Around half of all self-builds in the UK are carried out by main contractors on behalf of a private client. This service is the first of its kind to enable self builders to get in touch with those contractors who can offer them the specialist service they require. It should save self builders time and effort, is more likely to result in a better ‘match’ and, of course, it is a great way for FMB members to find the right clients.”

Richard Bacon, MP for South Norfolk and Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Self-Build, Custom Build and Independent House building, said:

“Finding a suitable builder can be a headache for many self builders who lack first-hand experience of the construction trade. This is where the FMB’s ‘Find a Self Build Contractor’ service can help you. Every builder belonging to the Federation must have satisfied a comprehensive set of background checks and also agreed to a rigorous Code of Practice and dispute resolution, offering peace of mind to potential clients. I would highly recommend that any prospective self builders draw on the Federation’s knowledge and experience to help complete their dream home.”