New law helps self-builders get the view they’ve always dreamed of

AGB is urging self-builders to declare their intention to local authorities, as a new law forces councils to help them find suitable land for planning permission.

The hardware manufacturer is already seeing real interest from the self-build market in its Imago Lift & Slide system and believes that the recent changes to the law will lead to further growth as ambitious self-builders seize the opportunity to create their dream home.

Under the Housing & Planning Act 2016, which came into law in July, local authorities have a duty to meet demand for self-build and custom house building by providing planning permission for appropriate plots of land.

Marco Zen, UK and Ireland Sales Manager for AGB Hardware says,

“With the Housing & Planning Act now in effect, there’s never been more support from the Government to make a start and find that dream view.”

“The level of demand is assessed based on a register that local councils must keep of interest from local self-builders.  Anybody thinking of building their own home should tell their local authority and get onto that register.  The greater the interest locally, the more help and choice they’ll receive from the council to find their ideal plot of land.”

AGB makes Imago Lift & Slide, the leading hardware for timber lift and slide doors – a popular choice for self-builders for its slimline aesthetics and its ability to create large glazing areas that frame the view. 

Marco confirms,

“Self-builders are an uncompromising audience who want to put a personal stamp on where they live and Imago is perfect for making the most of the view they’ve always dreamed of.”

“By using Imago, self-builders can achieve superb panoramic glazing cost-effectively, as our lift & slide door system is engineered with fewer components to simplify the construction for joiners.”

There is growing awareness of how important self-build is to the UK housing market.  A recent report by RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects, declared that

“Self-build and custom build add value to a locality, can be an affordable route to home ownership, and are valuable as delivery mechanisms for new, high-quality homes.”