New ‘Interlace’ range of beautiful arabesque tiles from Solus Ceramics

Interlace is a brand new tile range that truly defies expectations and brings a new perspective to wall coverings.

A shape unlike any other, Interlace is inspired by traditional Moroccan tiles and decorative motifs. Available in a number of neutral shades, and a standout vibrant red, the tiles in this range can be used to create elegant, natural designs.

Beautifully curved, the interestingly shaped tiles perfectly interlock when they are laid together and create a stunningly eye-catching pattern.

Colours can be used independently or in any combination of shades, giving almost unlimited possibilities to the user.

Interlace can be specified in 11 gloss colours, which have a shiny, glassy, mirror like quality, and six satin shades, which posses a slightly matt finish. The surface of the tiles in this range is slightly bumpy, which adds a sense of texture and additional reflective sheen to the gloss options.