New home is worth the wait

Having previously renovated an older property, moving to a brand new home in Leicester offered Anisha Patel an easier option this time round.

Eager to buy one of Redrow’s new homes at Nightingale Gardens, off Thurmaston Lane, she was happy to wait to make her dream move. Now settled in a three-bedroom detached Brecon style home, Anisha and mum Manjula couldn’t be happier.

Anisha recalls:

“We wanted to move from our two-bedroom terrace, but it had to be the right home in the right location. I put myself on the mailing list for Nightingale Gardens back in May 2013 and booked a day off work for the day the sales office opened.”

“The Redrow home we wanted to buy wasn’t available then, but we put our house up for sale in August 2013. It was a gamble thinking that if we sold we would have to go into rented accommodation, but luckily we sold to an investor who allowed us to rent our old home while we waited to move.”

Keen to secure the particular property they’d identified as their dream home, Anisha visited the sales office every week until it was finally released for sale.

Anisha adds:

“We looked at quite a few developments in the Leicester area and while there were some cheaper new builds available, there was no comparison to the Redrow specification. We were happy to wait to get the house we wanted because we think Redrow are the best builders in the country.”

“The quality is unbelievable. I loved going around the showhome and kept going in to look for tips and ideas for our home.

“There aren’t many beautiful three-bedroom detached homes with a garage like this. It looks like a cottage and was definitely worth the wait. It has quite a big kitchen/diner on one side of the hall and the lounge on the other. It’s a good size for the two of us.”