New High Performance Flame Retardant VCLs

New FlameOutTM Block vapour control layers combine energy efficiency with superior flame retardancy for the ultimate protection in new constructions. They are the latest addition to the Powerlon® range of building membranes.

The use of vapour control layers is on the rise in new residential developments as the industry moves toward constructing more energy-efficient, “intelligent” homes. VCLs improve the air tightness of a building and are applied to the warm side of the insulation, ideally fully taped and sealed, to help achieve the maximum benefit. As well as improving the air tightness and reducing convective heat loss, vapour control layers also perform the vital function of protecting the insulation from moisture from inside the building and prevent water vapour from passing through to cause interstitial condensation.

In this safety conscious time, and as Building Regulations are under review, FlameOut Block VCLs offer the valuable bonus of being flame retardant to a high standard, independently tested to British and international standards: British Standard 476 Fire Tests and EN ISO 13401-1, with the top rating of Class B-s1,d0. The membrane is self-extinguishing when exposed to direct flame, and so will not contribute to any fire.

FlameOut Block VCLs, with mono-filament reinforcement for high tensile strength, have outstanding water vapour resistance and low water vapour transmission. The layers come in two grades, FlameOut Block (140gsm weight) and FlameOut Block Plus (210gsm weight) and are manufactured by North Yorkshire firm Industrial Textiles & Plastics (ITP), who have more than 25 years’ experience in flame retardant technology. ITP produces a full range of building membranes, scaffolding and temporary containment sheeting, and ground, gas and chemical barrier membranes.