New French sports and cultural centre uses RMIG solar shading

A major new sports and cultural complex in France is using 4,000m2 of solar shading manufactured from perforated aluminium by RMIG, to help reduce solar gain and energy consumption, while still allowing natural light to enter the building.

Designed by Paul Chemetov architects ‘Le Vendéspace’© is located in Mouilleron le Captif, within the Vendée area of Western France and incorporates three large halls within the building’s 21,000m2 of flexible space, which can be configured to provide seating for between 1,000 and 4,900 spectators.

To ensure that high levels of natural lighting enter the building, the architect chose to cover the structure in energy efficient glass, but to also utilise an extensive solar shading system to not only reduce heat build up within the building, but also provide the structure with a distinctive external appearance.

The unique perforation pattern incorporated within the ‘louvred’ solar shading structure was created specifically for this project by Paul Chemetov architects and RMIG worked closely with the contractor Nouvelle Metallerie Pavageau to ensure that the complex design could be manufactured to the exact specification.

As the pattern was a repeating design, RMIG produced a number of prototypes for approval by the architects before creating a special tool for its advanced perforation press in the UK, which allowed every one of the shading louvres to be perforated identically.

RMIG produced a total of 7 kilometres of solar shading from 2mm thick EN5005 grade aluminium alloy, which has excellent weathering resistance, before being post formed and coated in a copper coloured PPC finish by the contractor prior to installation.

RMIG’s project manager, Claude Morel, explained:

“The solar shading presents a unique and easily recognisable exterior to Le Vendéspace, which not only has an excellent aesthetic appeal, but also provides a practical energy saving solution.”

He added:

“The use of solar shading has allowed the architect to create a highly energy efficient building that doesn’t rely on artificial lighting to illuminate the large open spaces within the large sports and cultural spaces, while also reducing the need for additional cooling to keep the environment comfortable for spectators.”

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