New FlameOut building membranes for FR safety

FlameOut building membranes are a new range of materials developed by Industrial Textiles & Plastics (ITP), manufacturers with more than two decades of experience in flame retardant technology.

The highest specification product in the range is FlameOut Breathe Class A, the UK’s first Euroclass A2 flame retardant breathable membrane for roof and wall installations. Powerlon FlameOut Breathe Class A is a woven material, engineered with the highest level of flame retardant properties. Independently tested to EN 13501-1, FlameOut Breathe Class A is rated A2-s1,d0. Prior to the launch of this innovative multipurpose breather membrane, the highest level of flame retardant breather materials offered in the UK were Class 0 (BS 476 Parts 6 & 7) or Euroclass B. With changes to UK building regulations, banning the use of combustible materials on the external walls of many new buildings over 18 metres, industry demand for the highest quality FR products will continue to expand.

CE Certified FlameOut Breathe Class A is heavyweight with very high tensile strength, good water vapour transmission and is rated W1 for water tightness. Proprietary FR tapes and glues are offered with the membrane for effective installation.

Other flame retardant breather membranes in the range include FlameOut Breathe, rated Class B-s1,d0 (EN 13501-1) and FlameOut Block, flame retardant vapour control layers. FlameOut Breathe FR house wrap is lightweight but strong and combines high water vapour permeability with excellent water tightness. FlameOut Block VCLs are FR rated Class B-s1,d0; with mono-filament reinforcement for high tensile strength, they have outstanding water vapour resistance and low water vapour transmission. FlameOut VCLs come in two grades: FlameOut Block (140gsm weight) and FlameOut Block Plus (210gsm weight).

Used together, FlameOut Breathe membranes and FlameOut Block VCLs offer an effective package of superior flame retardant protection in new construction.