New external waterproofing video from John Newton

Richard Crossley CSSW, Senior Technical Manager at Newton Waterproofing Systems, presents an online presentation about Type A External Waterproofing solutions to BS 8102 2009 Code of Practice for Protection of Structures Against Water from the Ground.

Richard explores the different grades of waterproofing protection defined by BS 8102:2009, the principles of Type A Waterproofing, defects and remedial measures and how to design a robust waterproofing solution.

The 8 Minute Video Includes:

  • Waterproofing Types – Briefly defining Type A, B and C Waterproofing and Combination options
  • Type A Waterproofing – A summary of the advantages and disadvantages of external membranes
  • Why? – Why should we apply external membranes?
  • Problems – The problems with some Type A membranes (citing the Outwing vs Weatherald court case)
  • The SolutionNewton 403 HydroBond external self-healing membrane is swellable so seals itself at laps and penetrations. It is BDA approved and NHBC recommended
  • Designing a Complete Waterproofing Solution – Designing to accommodate structural defects e.g. combining Type A and Type C solutions for ultimate protection
  • Examples – Details & case studies

This informative video was filmed in our training rooms, interjected with slides showing the requirements of BS 8102:2009. Watch Now: