New build convenience without compromise

In today’s society, choice is everything, from car models to coffees – so why should housing be any different? Recent research from Graven Hill, a development of self-build and custom build new homes in Bicester, has shown that almost 50 percent of the population see the opportunity to customise as the main reason for designing their home. However, a hands-on approach isn’t for everyone. With this in mind, custom build new homes are increasingly offering buyers the best of both worlds – high-quality living space that is tailored to suit individual tastes and needs, without the need to don a hard hat.

Custom building is still a relatively new concept to the UK property market, with Graven Hill in Bicester, Oxfordshire being amongst only a handful of development sites that offer the opportunity. However, it is an option that should certainly be considered by those searching for a home with personality. Just like a standard new build, the structure of a custom build house is completed for the buyer, however, the interior is where individuality can come to the forefront.

Once the buyer has chosen a property that suits them, they can pick from a menu of high-specification fixtures and finishes, as well as different layouts. One of the main advantages of custom building is that it enables the interior to be designed to fit the personalities and needs of the owner, whether that be a large open plan space for socialising, a separate playroom to keep toys at bay or a dedicated study space to provide a balance between work and pleasure.

All of these benefits are part of the process of custom building, putting the homeowner in control to enable the creation of a home they want, with the peace of mind that all the elements of the construction work are taken care of by a team of experts. While it may be a streamlined solution in comparison to a self-build project, custom build homes are still of high quality, in fact often better than a conventional new build home. In addition, buyers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the premium fixtures that can be fitted. This is a new element of the property market where buyers are no longer torn between the convenience of a new build and design choice.

As well as being of a high standard, custom build homes are also more financially accessible than many people think. There’s no need to figure out the processes of a self-build mortgage system, as custom build homes can be financed through a standard mortgage process. Also, with many custom build new homes eligible for the Help to Buy scheme, even first-time buyers can afford to get on the property ladder and purchase a long-term home that can grow with them.

For those who desire a home that reflects their personality without any heavy-lifting, custom building is the perfect route to follow. Providing a level of freedom to buyers that is absent from standard new builds, it removes the need to compromise on layout and features, while still offering buyers a simple and affordable route to housebuilding.