New ALPHA2 a solution that really adds up

It may look the same on the outside, but the new Grundfos ALPHA2 circulator has taken innovation to the next level. This has been achieved through this family delivering the best energy efficiency performance of any pump in their class, with an EEI rating of just 0.17.

But the good news doesn’t end there as these mighty little pumps also offer outstanding reliability, and with their factory set AUTOadapt function making it simple for this pump to find the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency. Meaning these pumps deliver the required comfort levels, combined with reduced noise and low energy consumption.

Additionally the simple to connect ALPHA plug makes installation straightforward and just one model will cover any 5m and 6m heating and cooling applications, while the flow meter function aids system balancing.

So with innovation inbuilt, it’s easy to see why the new ALPHA2 is the solution that really adds up as it ticks all the right boxes.