It’s never too slate to buy into Redland Cambrian

The iconic Cambrian Slate, now celebrating the 30th anniversary of its introduction, from Redland – the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of pitched roof systems – constitutes over 60% recycled Welsh slate, so not only delivers the outstanding aesthetics of natural slate; but also proves a more sustainable alternative to virgin quarried products.

BBA-certified, Redland Cambrian Slates are designed with a unique three-point fixing, making them secure on even the most exposed sites. Manufactured to be lightweight with a thin leading edge and surface patterning taken from impressions of real natural slates, and proven on pitches as low as 15°, Redland Cambrian Slates are suitable for a wide range of projects. When installed with recommended fixings under the Redland SpecMaster service, the whole roof is backed by a 15-year weathertightness, durability and design liability guarantee.

Other features of Cambrian include:

  • The interlock being cut back to give the impression of a double-lapped slate;
  • A separate clipping channel to keep the interlock clear of clips and allow unimpeded water run-off from it;
  • Weather bars which protect the heads of slates from driving rain; and
  • Nail holes with raised sections for protection against water ingress.

Three colours are available: Heather, Langdale Green and Slate Grey – with Slate Grey also being available in a pre-weathered finish.

The high aesthetic and overall sustainability – the tiles are A rated in the BRE Green Guide to Specification – combine with these additional performance and installed-cost benefits to make Cambrian the natural choice for new and replacement slate pitched roof installations.

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