Multikwik trapped shower gullies make bathroom installation a doddle

Multikwik products are all about making life easy for the installer, and the latest innovation from the company is no exception. Multikwik has developed a range of compact and adaptable trapped shower gullies for vinyl sheeting floors that are quick and easy to fit, really versatile, with high performance and look great when installed. The range offers various options to meet installation needs, with horizontal and vertical outlets, 50mm or 75mm seal depth, the choice of an ABS lid or a stainless steel cover, as well as 50mm to 40mm size adaptors and different height options for the Straight Through Shower Gully.

Vinyl sheeting floors – often found in care homes, hospitals, leisure facilities, apartment blocks or hotels – can make the fitting of a shower gully tricky and time-consuming.

But the new Multikwik shower gullies available with 50mm or 75mm seal depth are adaptable with a range of versatile outlets, making them the perfect all-rounders. The Straight Through Floor Gully with its original 50mm outlet can be cut down to fit straight onto a 110mm soil stack, minimising the need for raised floors, which can add considerably to the cost and timescales of a project.

Both the Straight Through Floor Gully and the Horizontal Shower Gully are adaptable with the 50mm to 40mm reducer. Pre-drilled holes and pre-assembled fitting all point towards quick and hassle-free installation.

But the Multikwik shower gullies are also packed with features that will make them a hit with owners and facilities managers. With a flow rate of up to 0.9l/s, Multikwik shower gullies comply with BS EN1253, and the risk of costly blockages and repair is reduced, making it the perfect solution for power showers with their high flow rates. The fitting’s high grade ABS top has an anti-slip surface which helps prevent slips and falls – especially important for the safety of people in commercial and residential environments. A stainless steel option is also available in the range.

The Multikwik trapped shower gullies were developed with a streamlined design and a unique and secure locking ring feature, preventing theft or damage to the lid and reducing the number of exposed screws to draining water. This means a reduction in soap scum accumulation, making the bathroom environment more hygienic and cleaning less of an effort. A concealed grid is included under the lid to catch debris and valuables, such as jewellery, before they get lost or block the drain in hard-to-reach places.

The Multikwik shower gullies comply with EN1253 and EN274 and like all Multikwik products are manufactured to the highest standards. They are part of the extensive Multikwik traps range which also features a variety of Single Bowl, 1½ Bowl and Double Bowl kits, as well as Bowl Kits featuring single or double nozzles. Bottle, Tubular `P’, Tubular `S’, Running, Shower, Bath, Washing Machine and Utility Traps complete the Multikwik suite of traps.

For design and installation queries, Multikwik’s team of plumbing design engineers can offer advice and technical support.

Full details of the Multikwik range, along with comprehensive, downloadable literature, case studies, technical information and nearest stockist information can be found on the company’s website at or by calling 01622 852654.