Modern storage with James Tobias’ sliding door product

For commercial storage applications where a modern space-saving approach is required, James Tobias, the UK’s leading storagewall manufacturer, offers its new sliding door product.

The company is responding to market requirements by launching a sliding door version of its British-designed and manufactured storagewall product. Complementing the established hinge door variants, the sliding door product is especially suitable for installations where a neat or space-efficient solution is required.

Sliding door offers all the established benefits of the James Tobias storagewall range. These include: manufacture using structured aluminium carcass offering up to two-and-a-half times better weight loadings, compared to pegboard systems; full floor-to-ceiling design for 20 per cent better space utilisation and the ability to partition office space; off-site construction to minimise disruption during installation; as well as survey and installation by members of James Tobias’ own in-house team.

These are benefits which are recognised by fit-out contractors. As with other James Tobias ranges, the new sliding door product comes with steel internals, each shelf capable of holding around 40kg. Sliding door mechanisms are manufactured in the UK and are designed for near silent glide operation and maximum durability.

“We are currently expanding our business with commercial customers all over the UK, and our established products are well-known and respected throughout the fit-out sector,” explains David McLaren, director. “This latest innovation is designed to meet a customer requirement, and certainly our early impressions are that it is being well-received by the market.”