Mind Maze at the Museum of London

Mind Maze, an installation at the Museum of London by Seán & Stephen (S&S) and Neu Architects (NA), offers an intriguing look into the enigmatic mind of Sherlock Holmes.

The installation coincides with the Museum of London’s major exhibition “Sherlock Holmes – The Man Who Never Lived And Will Never Die”. Both exhibition and installation remain on view until 12 April 2015.

The installation in the museum foyer comprises brightly coloured doorway structures, each one an iteration of the famous front door at 221B Baker Street, with clues and illustrations offering a visual and coded depiction of a Sherlock case.

Visitors are invited to don their metaphorical deerstalker and work out the coded distillation of each story – cryptic symbols and motifs within the screen printed floors contain hidden clues about a theme, character or object, enabling the visitor to decipher the title of each story.

A 13 metre-long ‘glitch tweed’ graphic (a contemporary take on the Houndstooth tweed pattern) forms a dynamic backdrop to the entrance foyer, a visual link with the Victorian tile patterns applied to the floors of each structure and a way-finding motif leading visitors to the exhibition itself.

The configuration of Mind Maze within the museum foyer will change regularly: it can be clustered in a maze formation or re-arranged so that the structures create the illusion of one long, multi-coloured façade. The installation uses a variety of materials and processes. Simple aluminium frames hold acrylic sheets engraved with a CNC ‘V Cutter’, while brightly coloured perforated metal surrounds each door.