Metal Technology and the art of education

The £35m Northwood School in the London borough of Hillingdon specialises in the performing arts for its 1,080 pupils and the new building gives visual expression to this focus while embracing its general learning areas and sports complex.

Rising to 3 storeys on a building footprint of 9,800 square metres, the school features Metal Technology System 17 HR capped curtain walling, in conjunction with System 5-20D doors, System 4-35 casement windows and System 23 louvres. The combination of these systems delivered a fluid design that linked each section of the school into an aesthetically coherent whole and contributed to the sustainability and security objectives of the design.

All Metal Technology systems are designed to perform seamlessly together to achieve the desired look and performance standards. Used individually or together, they offer complete design flexibility for creative aesthetics with the assurance of superior performance, structurally, thermally, acoustically and in terms of safety and security.

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