Meet the new Grundfos shower booster pump range

The recent product launch of a new range of shower booster and universal head shower booster pump ranges from Grundfos have been getting excellent reviews.

Initial feedback for these continuously rated pumps has indicated that the shower pumps new design that minimises the turbulence within the pump head is a welcome feature. Additionally, the introduction of a new impeller design means that these units will overcome air pocket issues, plus all variants are fitted with quality shaft seals and supplied with high quality braided connection hoses and filter washers as standard.

In terms of the options available, there is the SSR2 and STR2 these are positive head pumps for boosting water pressure – typically used in shower application. They are ideal when the plumbing route has multiple ends or  elbows.

The SSR2 and STR2 Universal options are positive and negative head shower booster pumps for boosting pressure where the outlet is at the same height as, or is above, the water storage tank.

To find out more about these pumps as well as the rest of the Grundfos shower pump range visit: