Mapei’s Mapetherm System adds to the scenery

Two of Mapei’s complete external wall insulation and protective coating systems have been specified and installed on an impressive house renovation on the coast of Downderry in Cornwall.

Mapei provided RGB Supplies with a specification for installers F. D. Hall & Son Ltd., which required delivering a uniform finish across two very different substrates. On-site training and support was provided throughout the project duration, where Mapei worked closely with the contractor and client/project manager Jim Lockyer of civil and structural engineers James Lockyer Associates Ltd who undertook the multi-disciplinary planning, design and specification of the project.

To provide thermal benefits and to align the original timber frame substrate, Mapetherm EPS Plus insulation board, with Mapetherm AR1 GG insulation adhesive and smoothing render reinforced with Mapetherm Net was used over the existing masonry construction.

A new timber framed structure was added to the building and finished with a Mapetherm Thin Coat render only system; consisting of Mapetherm AR1 GG with reinforcing mesh (Mapetherm Net) and Mapetherm Plus System, which incorporates Silancolor Base Coat and Silancolor Tonachino Plus 1.2mm applied to a cement board.

To provide a uniform finish, both systems were completed using Mapei’s protective and decorative coatings, Silancolor Base Coat and Silancolor Tonachino Plus 1.2mm, the ideal solution for a structure exposed to the extreme elements of a coastal location. Mapei’s standard White, an off-white colour, was selected to complement the geographical setting along the coastal road.

Mapei’s Silancolor Tonachino Plus is a trowel-applied, textured and coloured finish available in a range of grain sizes. Containing BioBlock® anti-mould and DropEffect® water-repellent properties, the product is favoured for damp climates where the potential for mould and algae growth is prevalent. Silancolor Base Coat, applied to AR1 GG Reinforced Coat, provides a matching colour undercoat.  It is used to even out the absorption of the substrate and promote bonding of materials from the Silancolor range.    

Mapei’s protective and decorative coatings are available in an infinite range of colours available with the ColorMap tinting system.