M-Tray® modular sedum solution from Wallbarn provides an instant and sustainable green roof

Construction of green roofs is often a problem for installers who do not have specific landscaping skills. Rolling out the correct drainage and filtration layers, loose substrate and sedum blankets is a difficult process in many cases. The substrates used are often unsuitable for growing plants and can contain contaminants, affecting drainage systems and risking damage to roof membranes. Imported sedum blankets can also risk contaminating native plant species.

All the necessary substrate, drainage and filtration elements are correctly measured and pre-loaded into the specially designed plastic module. Sedum plants are pre-grown and fully established and everything is contained. There is no mess and nothing spills out.

The plants are fully established and mature. Wallbarn grows the trays from seed and cuttings in a dedicated nursery, ensuring strong root growth and robust plants which will not be damaged in the way rolled up sedum blankets are, with less risk of die back and shock after installation.

Each module can be carried by hand. Just place them down and clip together. The joints will become invisible to form a seamless, fully established green roof. 

M-Tray® truly is an instant green roof.

M-Tray® is loaded with a mixture of sedum species designed to give comprehensive cover, a diverse mixture of textures and colours, and flowering species throughout the summer which will attract butterflies and bees.

M-Tray® is designed and manufactured in Britain!