Local self-build register launched

Potential self-builders who want to buy land and build their own home will now have a much better opportunity to have their views heard by using the new online Local Self-Build Register.

Developed by Ecomotive, the register will act as a central hub for people across the UK that want to inform their local council that they are interested in creating their own self-build or custom built home.

Ecomotive Director, Jackson Moulding, explained:

“The Local Self-Build Register will help councils to not only gather a list of people who want to build their own homes but also to seek their views on the kinds of projects needed in their area.

“The register keeps it really simple for users, by offering a single place where people can register to build in one or more areas of the country. They can then be contacted when suitable land or interesting projects become available.”

According to the National Custom and Self Build Association, the main barrier faced by people wanting to build their own homes is access to land. As a response to this, the government has asked local councils in England to keep a register of people interested in self and custom build and also to assess the level and type of demand for these kinds of projects.

While self-build refers to the future resident taking control of the design and build process – even if they do not do the building work themselves – custom build describes a project where a developer co-ordinates the process on behalf of clients.

With councils starting to step up to the challenge of providing more self and custom build opportunities, now is the perfect time for anyone interested in self-build to visit localselfbuildregister.co.uk and get their name on the register.

By David Mote