Let’s talk about hand washing – a new CPD from Horne Engineering

Considering the march of antibiotic resistance, rightly described as a global threat that equals climate change in terms of its seriousness, the need to break the chain of infection through effective hand decontamination becomes ever more important.

In spite of this, hand hygiene compliance – its frequency and technique – in the healthcare environment remains woefully inadequate. Horne Engineering’s new CPD seminar raises the question what are the barriers, or disincentives, to achieving effective hand hygiene compliance? And how can engineering help?

Healthcare tap design, to address this issue, is not as simple as one might think and careful consideration of a number of, perhaps surprising, practical and experiential factors is required.

This seminar should be of significant value to Architects and Building Services Engineers writing specifications for new build and refurbishment healthcare projects. More information at engineering.healthcare/handhygiene