Let’s get passionate about wood floors

Are you fitting a wood floor in your self-build project or maybe renovating an old one? Bona’s specialists are ready to help.

Bona Limited is part of a Swedish company that has been manufacturing finishes for wood floors since 1919! Our formulations are designed to be as safe as possible to use and live with, and make minimal impact on the environment. In fact we were the company that pioneered the use of water based floor lacquers back in the 1970s when solvent based lacquers were still the norm.

Our team spend much of their time advising architects over the best way to design and finish a wood floor. The specification can vary enormously depending on what performance characteristics and look the client wants. A busy commercial area such as an airport will obviously require a far more durable finish than a bedroom; food service areas will require special maintenance regimes; stairways and corridors will require a finish with anti-slip properties; and a modern home designed to be flooded with light can benefit from a finish that highlights the characteristics and texture of the wood surface.

There are also choices to be made on the construction of the floor. A solid wood floor is often perceived as being of higher quality than an engineered type – and is normally more expensive. An engineered floor (which is made of several cross bonded layers of real wood) may look the same as a solid floor but will not endure the same number of re-sandings. It is however a better bet if you are installing underfloor heating as its greater dimensional stability will cope better with the variation in temperature. The good news is that there is a huge choice of both types available and our Bona trained contractors will also be able to help you choose the right type for your home. Whichever you go for, if finished and maintained correctly, your wood floor will provide you with a beautiful, healthy, easy to maintain surface that will stay looking fabulous for very many years.

Our particular area of expertise is the floor finish. An important choice to make is between a lacquer (varnish) or an oil. Both offer great benefits in terms of durability and aesthetics, but it’s important to consider how the floor is going to be used before any decision is made. Although very glossy finishes were popular a couple of decades ago, today the trend is for a more natural, matt look and most modern lacquers are available in semi-matt or very matt finishes which have low reflective values.   Floors finished with lacquers are very easy to clean and maintain too. The most important thing is regular sweeping to remove dust and grit which can scratch the surface. When marks appear or for the occasional all over clean, our Spray Mop, which applies minimal liquid to the surface, is the most effective tool to use. We would never recommend using a steam mop on a wooden floor as the hot steam is pushed down between the joints and could cause serious damage.

An oiled surface tends to look more natural and our new oil system includes special optional colour treatments which can be used to achieve some really sensational effects. An oiled floor does however require the application of a maintenance oil – probably every other year depending upon the floor’s use – to properly protect the surface.

It’s also easier to repair localised damage to an oiled surface, whereas if parts of a lacquered floor become damaged the whole surface has to be re-sanded and re-sealed.

With all this in mind, it really does make sense to speak to an expert right at the start of the floor selection process to make sure you use the most appropriate treatment! We’ve trained a network of wood floor specialists – independent contractors who are already experienced floor installers – in the best use of our range of finishing products. As Bona Certified Contractors they can help you choose what’s best for your wood floor. They’re all listed on the ‘Stockists and Contractors’ page at the website (https://www.bona.com/en-GB/Consumer2/). Just enter your postcode or nearest town in the Google map to find a specialist near you. Alternatively give us a call during office hours on 01908 525 150 and we can help guide you to the right person for your project.

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