Learn things differently with the new Formica® Collection

It is well known that textures, colours and patterns in our surroundings can influence our sense of wellbeing and comfort, as well as provide sensory ‘triggers’. For example, having a variety of textures in the finish of interior surfacing materials can improve cognitive ability to access knowledge, helping the brain to stay alert and engaged.

The new Formica® Collection has arrived in style and is full of exciting new colours, decors, and textures. After extensive research and development in manufacture and design, Formica Group is providing architects, interior designers, manufacturers and fabricators with the materials to create inspiring and practical learning spaces. A completely refreshed portfolio that includes 113 new decors, now brings the total to over 600 decorative laminate solutions.

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A colour palette so wide Jackson Pollock would have thought twice.

Based on customer feedback and answering key interior trends for new blues, pastels and nature inspired eco palette, Formica Group has developed 9 new Plain Colors to present a comprehensive palette of 120 colours including White, Just Rose, Just Blue, Nocturne, Denim, Artichoke, Leaf Green, Just Gold, and Patina.

From the JUST colour family, a range of pure and updated basics, Just Rose is a very fine, pastel, airy rose that brings a feminine and sophisticated touch to an interior. Combined with light wood grains, it functions like a white and creates a very modern feel.

F0949 White is clean and cool with a slight tone of rose that stands out from the typically warmer palette of European whites. Its introduction in Europe makes it a global colour option in Formica Group’s portfolio and education specifications around the world.

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Three new blue introductions are the very dark, almost black, deep blue Nocturne, the light, mellow Just Blue, and on-trend Denim, a beautiful representation of classic blue jeans, for a contemporary look.

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Two new greens, Artichoke and Leaf Green, inspired by nature, have been introduced to the family of “eco colours”. Artichoke is a light, yellow-based greyed green, and Leaf Green is a vegetal mid-tone organic green. Together with the 2010 introduction Wasabi the three make a harmonious range of organic greens.

Just Gold, a very versatile yellow that works great with turquoises and wood tones and the earthy brown Patina are complementing the eco-theme, where craft and organic materials are key to a harmonious and nature-inspired way of learning.

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And for those who love versatility.

One of the most exciting additions to the new Formica Collection is Plus Color. There are 30 colours offered in 8 exclusive surface finishes available for creative minds to play with and imagine visual and tactile environments. Plus Color presents a balanced mix of neutral colours from cool white to black, from cream to brown, and an attractive selection from the bolder palette, including “classics” like New Burgundy or Spectrum Yellow, as well as new trend additions like Just Gold and Denim.

This unique toolbox opens the door to creativity and mixing and matching of colours and textures, with 240 possible combinations to create exclusive designs of the highest quality to promote creativeness in learning.

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The Plus Color range includes eight Formica Group exclusive surface finishes: AR Plus®, Plex™, MicroDot™, Sculpted™, Linewood™, Rigato™, Satin NDF, and Matte-58.

Patterns so authentic you will have to look twice.

Authenticity and the return to essential and simple materials is one of the latest trends in interior designs. Therefore, the Formica Collection puts the emphasis on fabric, natural and man-made materials by introducing metal and engineered stone patterns and True Scale marble decors.

New pattern Denim Twill, is based on a multi-colour weave with a subtle and elegant stripe effect, and is enhanced by the award-winning Plex surface finish that mirrors the crispness and tactility of a twill material. Take a closer look and enjoy its authenticity, as an actual pair of blue jeans was used to accurately capture the colour of Denim Twill.

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To support trendy industrial and urban aesthetics, four new decors have been introduced in the Collection. Elemental Concrete and Elemental Ash will add a modern, tidy and sophisticated touch to interiors, while Elemental Corten and Elemental Graphite mimic rusted, oxidized metals and the masculine beauty of rolled steel.

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True Scale by Formica Group decors are developed for large applications like feature walls in retail or hospitality environments; this is where they can unfold their full beauty.

With this in mind Formica Group introduces 8 True Scale marble decors that replicate the characteristics of the natural stones perfectly. Calacatta Marble captures the exquisite detail of the stone’s fine translucency of intricate warm grey and soft taupe veining against striking white, Breccia Paradiso surprises with rich colour play and beautiful scale and Slate Sequoia imitates a dark warm-toned marble with large characterful veining. Dolce Vita – Italian for “the sweet life” – is reminiscent of the beautiful lyrical movement of large scale exotic stone broken up with fine white crystalline structures of quartz. Other True Scale additions include: Travertine Silver, Antique Mascarello, Blue Storm and Jet Sequoia.

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Textures so real you will want to touch them twice.

Texture adds an extra dimension to a design, bringing a surface to life. The new Formica Collection offers a wide choice of premium surface finishes that will enhance your surroundings. Formica Group introduces Linewood and Puregrain to its new Collection.

Linewood replicates wire brushed or sandblasted soft woods and makes a surface feel inherently natural, yet with velvet smoothness. Wood is one of designers’ favourite materials, specified for its value and aesthetics, Linewood finish answers the desire for heavily textured surfaces in a variety of colours.

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While Linewood is a fashion finish, Puregrain is a timeless and unique interpretation of a lightly brushed and oiled timber texture, creating a natural looking and elegantly radiant finish on distinct wood grains, such as oak, ash, elm and chestnut. Furthermore, Formica Group introduces 5 new oak decors: Delano Oak, Rural Oak, Logan Oak, Cottage Oak, and Millennium Oak each available in Puregrain texture.

Award-winning texture, Plex®, is a new introduction into the Collection on plain colours and four Twill patterns. Inspired by the world of textiles and crisp satin and silk weaves specifically, Plex illuminates the beauty of a surface, giving it a touch of luxury, glamour and authenticity.

A new addition to DecoMetal® by Formica Group, range of tactile laminate surfaces made using real metal foils, is Hammered. Inspired by the traditional metalworking technique of hammering metal in order to shape, thin, or stretch it, this texture is a modern evolution of this sculptural and crafted look.

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Green, not only in colours.

The Formica Collection encompasses the core values and attributes of the Formica® brand and its heritage based on producing high quality, innovative design-led products.

Sustainability is a key consideration in Formica Group’s manufacturing and product development strategy, with the goal of minimising its impact on the environment. All 113 new introductions to the Formica Collection are FSC® Certified as standard.

The company ensures that its sustainability strategy is based on tangible programmes.

Formica Group is the only global laminate manufacturer to be awarded the Carbon Reduction Label by the Carbon Trust for its products , as well as achieving GREENGUARD certification on all of its factories and laminates.

With this launch, Formica Group continues to innovate and lead the market in decorative laminates and with its premium products it provides architects, interior designers, fabricators, and manufacturers with the tools and support they need to create outstanding designs.