Langley launches new system with 30 year market leading guarantee

Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd has launched TA-30, a premium addition to its range of flat roofing systems. The most durable system offered by Langley, TA-30 benefits from an industry leading 30 year independently insured guarantee and includes the support of an annual risk-free asset management maintenance reporting package for five years

Suitable for flat and sloped roofs on both new build and refurbishment projects, the new high-performance system provides a superior quality solution where long-term durability is an important requirement. All Langley RBM systems are BBA certified for 40-year durability – the longest in the market for any system. For added peace of mind, a five year Langley maintenance reporting package is also included with TA-30. Langley’s own Technical Managers will inspect the installation on completion and continue each year for five years to ensure the roof remains in good condition and should there be any interference it is captured early.

Uniquely, all Langley systems achieve BRoofT4 fire rating compliance and have been tested and passed to this standard with insulation thicknesses from 30mm to 250mm. This is significant within the UK and is covered under Building Regulations ‘Fire Safety’ Approved Document B. Each system must be tested with the intended thickness of insulation incorporated.

The most common insulation thickness in the UK is 120mm, however, for a tapered insulation scheme varied thicknesses have to be considered. When carrying out due diligence for any flat roofing solution the BRoofT4 certificate must cover all the insulation thicknesses proposed.

The testing and certification of thicknesses up 250mm to BRoofT4 ensures that every system proposed by Langley, including the TA-30 system is compliant with the fire regulations.

The reinforced bitumen membrane (RBM) system consists of a vapour control layer, PIR insulation, a flexible self-adhesive underlayer and a hard wearing, puncture resistant cap sheet. Where the site conditions allow, TA-30 can be laid over existing systems to avoid the costs of stripping the roof.

The 30-year independently insurance backed guarantee covers the entire system including materials, workmanship, design and third party consequential damage to the membranes. Langley is able to offer this extensive level of guarantee because it works with a network of Langley Approved contractors and monitors the installation throughout ensuring only the highest quality of installation is maintained.

Dean Wincott, Managing Director at Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd, said:

“The needs of customers are continually evolving and we have put innovation at the core of our business to ensure we deliver solutions that meet their requirements. TA-30 offers unrivalled performance, quality and durability – and the length of the insurance backed guarantee and fire rating compliance delivers risk free peace of mind for the end customer.”

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